Environmental Friendly


Environmental Responsibility

One of EPtimber vision is to enhance wellbeing of all its stakeholders and environment through embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One of EPtimber’s CSR initiatives comprises of, the address of environmental issue; illegal logging, illegitimate logging practices and destruction of natural habitat and etc. by compliance to Malaysia Timber Certification Council (MTCC) and actively involved in MTCC CoC endeavors.


Acacia - Acacia Mangium

Timber can be an environmentally friendly building material that is both renewable and reusable. Unlike other building materials such as concrete and steel, timber only requires only land, water, nutrients and sunlight to grow. The development of an ecologically sustainable timber industry is necessary to ensure timber resources are available for future needs. This is why you need to purchase "good wood" - ACACIA, the plantation wood that suit for almost every purposes.

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