Corporate Background

Ever Prime Timber Industry Products Sdn Bhd ( EPtimber ) is founded in 1970s and has been in timber business under the stewardship of the late CEO, Mr. Kam Lai and a team of high calibre directors. EPtimber has constantly strives for excellence in the timber industry, and has established a robust portfolio supported by an operation area fifteen acres. The growth has brought EPtimber to the international arena with several flagship products and brands.

EPtimber offers wide variety of Builder's Carpentry and Joinery (BJC) timber product and its export destination such as Australia, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and India.

EPtimber has kept its competitive edge through efficient supply chain management, state of the art machinery and technological expertise accumulated from decades of dedication in the industry. These operational strengths are complemented by dedicated marketing endeavour to ensure constant progress and growth.

EPtimber ’s heritage is deeply rooted in traditional practices such as; maximizing yields from raw material, production of high value-added wood products, effective two-way communication between stakeholders and impeccable cost management.



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